Evening Expedition – 8h x 10w
Mya Under Sail - 12h x 9w
Ahoy – 12h x 9w
Ladders to the Sea – 11h x 14w
Three Sheets 36h x 24w
Wind's Up 16”h x 20”w
The Fisherman 11”h x 14”w
The Stowaway 9”h x 12”w
Time Out 12”h x 9”w
The Jenna Lee 12”h x 12”w
Summer Reflection 12”h x 9”w
Still Waters 12”h x 9”w
Mid Day Calm
Nature's Mirror 16”h x 20”w
Just Like Clockwork 9”h x 12”w
Inlet Hideaway 11”h x 14”w
Homeward Bound 16”h x 20”w
History in Motion 9”h x 12”w
At The Start 11”h x 14”w
Cold Harbor 24”h x 20”w
Bow to the Wind 16”h x 20”w
Anticipation 9”h x 12”w
At Rest 9”h x 12”w
All Tied Up 9”h x 12”w
An Old Friend 9”h x 12”w

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