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Artist Statement

As an artist, I find that every day my mind is filled with visions of beauty I want to create, whether it’s a beautiful piece of handcrafted furniture, a nature scene in a stained glass window or a painting of a spring flower greeting the day. Having worked in a variety of media, I particularly enjoy the flexibility painting affords me in capturing the minutest details I desire in my work. By incorporating such detail – the tiny light on the boat in “Coming Home,” the reflection in the window of “Keeping Watch” or the precise reflection of the trees in the pond in “Winter’s Grace,” I invite the audience to study my work, looking for such details, and by so doing, being drawn further into each piece.

An avid photographer who is captivated by nature’s quiet beauty, I select my landscapes based on the feelings of tranquility they evoke, hoping to provide these same feelings for the viewer. I delight in bringing a painting to life by capturing light, reflections, and shadows and enjoy the added dimension of depth that painting provides. It gives me great pleasure when my paintings are confused for photographs. One of my most significant accomplishments to date was overhearing someone viewing my work and saying “I feel like I’m there”. That is the level of detail that I strive for in my work.

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